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Websitebusiness.com locked me out of my account after they took $30.00 from

my checking account.I can not contact them through any number I have or the ones listed on BBB.

They are holding my Domain names from me, wont let me point to new server. The monthly bill was suppose to be $9.95. I payed them $199.00 to get started.

I have screen shots of every transaction and steps taken toward full filling my part of the signed agreement and the lack of theirs.

Websitebusiness.com is directly linked to postzilla.com and writezilla.com

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:sigh Same story my domain or blog name and posts on file are gone.Websitebusiness is holding them, I tried to work with GoDaddy to retrieve but was told as long as website business will not releave file name or pin a GoDaddy they can do nothing.

I am pissed about the loss of my filed "posts" as well as the taking of my blog name.

Ray E.Johnstone

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